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it was direly important that i drew scrabble showdowns before i went to sleep

Here’s how I think Xiaolin Scrabble would go down:

Rai would try to tweak the rules a bit ‘cause Scrabble is boooooring. So he tries to introduce like a trading system to make it more like gambling or something. Kimiko doesn’t support this at all, especially since it just makes the game drag on longer, but Clay just goes ahead and accepts whatever trade Raimundo offers him. Everybody thinks that Clay’s just being a pushover, but suddenly he spells out OXYPHENBUTAZONE. The trading system is then dropped.

A rule they have kept, though, is that Portuguese and Japanese words are allowed to be used, just to even the playing field. This also has the effect of dragging out the game even more, because on top of Kimiko having to google Clay’s words just to make sure they’re actual words, she has to translate Japanese and Portuguese for everybody just so everybody’s sure there’s no cheating going on.

At one point Raimundo gets frustrated and spells out ARGILAECARADECU and Kimiko proceeds to punch him twice, once because that isn’t actually one word, and another because jesus christ, Rai, don’t be so immature, that’s not cool, apologize to Clay.

When Clay asks what it means, everybody suddenly decides the game is over and then awkwardly congratulate him on being the winner before leaving.

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